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Who are We

Our story
We are a technology-driven company based in India. We specialised in the Internet and tech sectors to build meaningful fun and inspiring products.
We are incepted in 2013 on the synergies between local entrepreneurs and international partners to provide advanced telecommunication services and investing significant resources to innovate and provide widespread services to the Republic of India that hitherto had been unavailable or inadequate.
We possess an all-India service area Class-A ISP-VNO license by Government of India. We are one of the fastest-growing internet service providers in India.
We are backed by a robust set of network engineers and employees. When it comes to the wireless & fiber internet provider, we are the best.
We provide enterprises network solutions, residential internet, public Wi-Fi hotspot creation, internet leased lines and Wi-Fi automation services.
All our energies are working continuously to deliver quality products and services to nurture long-lasting relationships with our customers. We endeavour to create significant value for all the stakeholders associated with the company.
We genuinely believe in the fundamentals of accountability and transparency and will continue to strive for the highest corporate standards, thereby ensuring value creation for all.
Our Vision
Our vision is to connect every remote village of India to the Internet at ultrafast speed and affordable prices to transform India into a digitally empowered nation and growing economy.
Our Mission

Our mission is to be a world-class Internet and tech company to deliver high-quality Internet services at the lowest cost possible. We are committed to providing the best telecommunications services that our customers want at the quality they deserve.

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